Look forward to mealtimes again with Five Spices & Co

Mealtimes should be cherished and enjoyed. But modern lifestyles make this difficult. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

Cooking becomes a chore. Basic dishes prepared in a rush. Or you rely on expensive takeaways and artificial ready-meals. Meals you truly enjoy are few and far between.

But Five Spices & Co makes your mealtimes special again. Our traditional methods ensure the finest ingredients get the time they need to infuse, creating the rich, aromatic and robust flavours you only get from truly authentic South Asian food.

We then shock-freeze the dishes at the perfect moment. A natural way to lock in the freshness and flavours. 

Stock up your freezer with our hand-cooked meals and pop them in the microwave whenever the mood takes you. Fill your home with the aromas of true Desi Swaad, and enjoy a feast in minutes.

  • 1. Cooked the proper way

    We cook in small batches using age-old methods and pure ingredients. 

    True Desi Swaad!

  • 2. Flavours frozen in

    We shock-freeze it to lock in the freshness and flavours. No need for additives, colours or preservatives.

  • 3. The luxury of choice…

    Select from our mouthwatering range and place your order.

    Each dish has 2 servings, starting from £4.

  • 4. Get your food

    Collect your food, or have it delivered for orders over £45.

    Pop it in the freezer to enjoy whenever you like. 

  • 5. Savour your feast

    Heat your food in the microwave, oven or hob and let the aromas fill your home as you set the table. 

    Then, enjoy…

Five reasons why frozen is the way forward

  • Freshness and flavour - freezing is the only natural way to preserve the goodness of freshly cooked food.
  • Flexible - stock up and eat whenever the mood takes you. Your only limit is the size of your freezer.
  • Quick and Easy - A microwave and a few minutes are all you need to enjoy an effortless feast. An oven or hob will work too, but they’ll take slightly longer. Either way, we do all the hard work for you. 
  • Reduces waste - clear portion sizes mean you only heat up what you need. Our packaging is fully-recyclable too.
  • Cost-effective - restaurant-quality food at a fraction of the price.
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