Our Story

We’re a family of five who come from a unique culinary heritage where cooking and eating are part of a ritual, an experience, a celebration of the gifts given by the land.
Our obsession with the best authentic food began with the cuisine of our homeland - recipes handed down over generations. We then expanded to other regions, studying and refining our use of different methods and ingredients from around Asia.

But like many people, our busy lifestyles meant we rarely had the time or energy we needed to prepare food properly. We simply weren’t able to enjoy the meals we loved often enough.

That is until we realised we could use the help of a humble appliance found in every home: the freezer. We could simply cook batches of the meals we loved, fill up our freezer and enjoy them whenever we felt like it.

This allowed us to preserve our culinary heritage, savouring our favourite meals every night of the week with minimal time and effort.

We soon began sharing our meals with our friends in the community. When they kept rushing back for more, we realised we could be onto something…
And so Five Spices & Co was born.

We invite you to enjoy the true flavours of Desi South Asian (Punjabi/Indian/Pakistani...) Swaad.

The only limit is the size of your freezer.